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Teaching & Learning Resources

UNESCO Bangkok

Since 1961, UNESCO Bangkok has had a dual role as both the Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and as a Cluster Office in the Asia-Pacific region. As a regional bureau f... Learn More

Lifelong Learning

With the support of the Government of Japan, UNESCO Bangkok together with partner organizations and experts from 11 countries across Asia-Pacific developed the Online Course on Community Learning Cent... Learn More


Towards Results in Education & English (TREE) is a collection of courses for learners in Myanmar. These materials were produced as part of the TREE project led by the British Counci... Learn More

Learn Big

The multi-language platform “LearnBig” was developed as part of the UNESCO Bangkok’s initiative “Mobile Literacy for Out-of-School Children” supported by Microsoft, True Corporation, POSCO 1% Foundati... Learn More

UNICEF - Learning Passport

The Learning Passport is an Online, Mobile, and Offline Platform that enables continuous access to quality education. It is highly flexible and adaptable, allowing countries to ea... Learn More

British Council Myanmar

The British Council is the United Kingdom's international cultural relations organisation founded in 1934. We have offices in 229 towns and cities in 110 countries and territories... Learn More

Mote Oo Education

Mote Oo Education is an educational services provider. It was founded in 2013 to add value to post-secondary and adult education initiatives. We train teachers and trainers, desig... Learn More

Teacher Focus

To Advance Teacher Quality and Recognition for Marginalized Teachers from Myanmar Using Accessible and Contextual Resources. Teaching is an incredibly demanding profession.... Learn More

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