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Presentation Skills for Teachers

Presentation Skills for Teachers

Let us start mastering the magic of visual presentations in interactive teaching. 

Not every subject or topic captivates learners’ attention at first glance. That's where presentations come into play. Think of your lessons as captivating stories. Infuse them with slides, visuals, and multimedia elements that turn an ordinary lecture into an exciting narrative. Do you want to know how? Let’s delve into some practical examples.

For instance, when teaching history, create a timeline PowerPoint presentation enriched with images, videos, and personal anecdotes. Transport your students back in time, making historical events spring to life. Use the per-click animation feature so that you are in full control when to display the next picture, content or information appears. Use that technique to ask your students what they anticipate have happened then, on that date, or that specific event. This will help develop their critical thinking and analytic skills. 

History of Photography and the Camera (Timeline)

Source of image: History of Photography and the Camera (Timeline) (

However, it is imperative to remember that engagement is the ‘secret sauce’ of effective teaching, and presentations are the catalyst. Embed interactive elements like quizzes, polls, or discussion prompts into your slides. Provide opportunities for learners to engage with the content after every six slides. Here is an example: After explaining geometric concepts, insert a slide with a visual representation of a complex shape. Ask them to measure the area, the circumference volume. Use a poll or a multiple-choice slide to assess their answers and see how many got it right. This could also be conducted through a competition between groups; with the winning group being in charge of compiling the next assignment.  

In summary, presentations are not just about slides; they are tools of transformation. They turn a routine lecture into an unforgettable learning journey. Don’t forget: a well-crafted presentation sparks curiosity, encourages interaction, and leaves a lasting impression. It's about making learning an exciting adventure.

Teaching Without Limits: Empowering Educators with Viber

Teaching Without Limits: Empowering Educators with Viber

ImageMany educators, particularly those new to the profession, are daunted by the prospect of using digital tools, fearing they may not have the resources or technical know-how to make it work. However, there is a lifeline that can ease these worries and empower novice teachers: Viber.

Viber, the ubiquitous messaging app, can be a game-changer for educators seeking to implement collaborative assignments in their classrooms. It offers a user-friendly, accessible, cost-effective platform that transcends resource limitations. Teachers can create dedicated groups for each assignment, making it easier for students to collaborate. Collaborative assignments on Viber transform the learning experience into an engaging and interactive journey, cultivating a sense of community and shared responsibility among students. Whether it's a history project, a science experiment, or a literature analysis, students can discuss, plan, and share resources in real-time, promoting a sense of teamwork, even when physical presence is impossible. 

The app also allows seamless file sharing, enabling students to send documents, images, videos, and links related to their project. Moreover, teachers can use Viber to set deadlines, send reminders, and monitor progress. This functionality ensures students stay on track, providing valuable support when needed.

ImageBeyond the practical applications, the benefits of using Viber for collaborative assignments are numerous. It fosters inclusivity, as it only requires a basic smartphone and an internet connection, making it accessible to all students. The real-time chat feature enhances communication, engagement, and the development of critical skills such as digital literacy, effective communication, and time management. Embrace the potential of Viber, and watch your learning taking place 24/7, moving beyond school hours and walls. Image

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